Trifecta challenge: Bitch…


This week’s Trifecta word is bitch with the 3rd meaning: 3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant.

‘Shit, what a bitch!’ Pytra snarled as the steel bit into his knuckles yet again.  The last thing he’d wanted to do was come out in sub-zero temperatures to replace yet another damned spark plug on the car from hell.

Yet, here he was, hands so cold that his skin felt like a frozen slab of meat. So cold, in fact that bashing his hand against the crankcase had gouged a large wound, but the blood had frozen instantly. Why was he doing this? He asked himself for the twentieth time.

It’s because of her. He looked up from what he was doing to see her standing there on the curb, shivering in a thin ass coat that only some damned fool in hollywood could have designed. Her blue eyes watched him in silence as his cold hands slipped yet again. Spark plugs should be easier than this, he thought as he raised his bashed knuckle to his mouth and then lowered it in fear that his lips might freeze to it if he tried to suck some warmth into it.

‘Shit, what a bitch.’ He mumbled under his breath again as he slammed the hood down.

‘There you go, Sweetheart. Have a safe trip.’

(205 words)


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