Trifecta Challenge #63- Path


1: a trodden way
2: a track specially constructed for a particular use
3a : course, route
b : a way of life, conduct, or thought

Use definition 3. Response btween 33-333 words.

“The Winter Road”

The winter road
Becomes a sheet of ice.
The lone traveler finds
His way encumbered
By the drifting snow.
He stumbles and slips
Along the icy path.
Soon, the road scrapper
Spreads the salt
Along the street.
The way becomes
Somewhat smoother
For the man.
He slips and stumbles
Less often than before.
He sees his journey’s end,
Upon the road ahead.
The way seems easier, now.
The ice is almost gone.
The winter road
Gently melts into the spring.



11 responses »

  1. It created the image right in front of my eyes though I have never seen snow-& I loved the deeper meaning-the parallel you drew with real life-very well written 🙂

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