What evil lurks… (a scene written on the fly)


(As I’m not sure where to catagorize this, yet, I’m tagging across the spectrum. Forgive me, I’m tired and it’s before coffee this morning…)

The dark figure moved silently through the dark woods up on the ridge. Below, he saw the glow of lights in the house windows. He found a place where he was well hidden, yet where he could see into the upstairs windows.

‘I will have the cure you promised my people.’ The figure mumbled as he settled in for the night. ‘I saved your life, and this is how you repay me? No, you will bring the cure you promised to my people, or you will die.’

Below, he watched her undress and slide between the blankets. He couldn’t see close enough to make out the tears on her cheeks or how she clutched her canvas bag to her chest in her sleep. He only saw that she was the answer to the disease that was killing his people.


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