In Honor of a Great Man…



Richard Twiss (b. June 1954 – d. February 9, 2013 at age 58) — Through the years, Richard Twiss became a strong voice among American Indians who for many years were taught that they had to choose between traditional Native beliefs or being a Christian. Twiss taught the two could be combined in contextual worship to the Creator.

“In the complex and controversial dialogue of contextualizing Christian worship for Native American cultures, Richard Twiss allowed himself to become a lightning rod so that boarding school survivors and assimilated Native American Christians could have the freedom to put on their regalia, pick up their drums, and ask the question: ‘What does it mean to be Native American and follow Jesus?'” commented Mark Charles, Navajo, a friend of Twiss and Resource Development Specialist for Indigenous Worship at Calvin College, to the Native News Network.

“Richard’s unique ministry gave many Native people the opportunity to experience that Jesus is not just the ‘White man’s God’ but he came for all people from every language and every culture.”

—Native News Network


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