Friday Fictioneers: Lillies on the windowsill


Friday fict- lillies

Delivered in the wee hours, never a sound made; not even a whimper or gasp.
Trundled away in a cold, steel basinet to be “revived” by some damned machine. A tube for this, a tube for that. Electrodes pasted here, there, everywhere on the tiny body that shivered even beneath the heat lamps and heated oxygen feeds.

Easter Morning, it was. A time of joy. A time to celebrate life given and life renewed. The church sent them over after the service. Their scent filled the room. What a horrible scent, fresh lillies on the window sill. Like the life they represent, they’ll be gone too soon. Wilted, shriveled… dead.


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  1. your story made me cry 😦 i worked in the neonatal ICU and there were several instances like this.. 😦 very frustrating when you’ve done all you can and yet…..but of course, nothing compared to the pain felt by the parents. anyway, great painful story

    • I understand all too well both sides of the story. What I was always told (gave little comfort): “Rule number 1: people die; Rule number 2: We have no control over it.” It’s a hard pill to swallow, but real.

      • Indeed, Rochelle, but also so very true. That phrase is still taught, and oddly, too often used. Doesn’t give much comfort when you’re in a situation, but it does remind us to keep our feet firmly planted.

    • Change the day of the year to any day, any hospital… I’ve seen it happen on more than one occassion. Know all to well about the hollow sentiments of people who do things with no real thought behind what they do and how hurtful it can be to one already suffering a loss. Beauty amid tragedy,,, not always helpful…

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