Triefecta Challenge – Plausible Deniability- to kill or not to kill


I wrote this scene as a brainstorm, not necessarily for the challenge (Yes, I realize I’m soooo behind on challenges…life happens) Anyway, it seemed to fit, so I thought I’d share it. Please, catch the question at the end and give a comment.

Benjamin cowered between the dumpster and the rear wall of the library. The cold had long since seeped into his bones, taking him from the wracking shivers of hypothermia and into drowsiness. Still, his mind was pitted against him moving or even calling out for the help he needed. His mind was still in the desert; sweating in the heat, and pinned down under enemy fire. His mind and body were locked into a defensive mode that wouldn’t stand down.


Sweat beaded on his forehead, dripped off his brow, and coursed down his cheek to his lips. His tongue flicked out to catch the salty moisture before it could be wasted.

Enemy – moving closer.

Enemy – carrying something – someone.

Benjamin chambered a round.

He fired.

Nothing happened.

He searched his ammo belt, vest pouches, pant’s pockets… all were empty. With an angry twitch, he pulled his last piece of defense out of his pant’s leg pouch. Pulling the pin, he lobed the grenade at the enemy.

“Ouch!” Kate squealed as the paperback book hit her square in the chest. She clutched at her heart, trying to catch her breath as her eyes looked around for the culprit. Her eyes widened as they met Major Engel’s baby blues. His eyes were widened and glazed, no doubt seeing something that wasn’t there. She’d seen the look before.

‘Major Engel?’ She started to approach him. ‘Are you -…?’

Benjamin sprung from his hiding place, slamming Kate to the ground. Her head thudding against the concrete even as his hands formed a vise around her throat…..

So, should I kill her and make it a mystery, or rescue her and eventually have these two live happily ever after????


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