Trifecta Challenge: Lucky


LUCKY (adjective)

1: having good luck
2: happening by chance : fortuitous
3: producing or resulting in good by chance : favorable

If you’re lucky(3), I’ll be back with something. My luck(2) has been running on the down side of lucky(1) with the slippery roads. After all, There’s so little time to explore all the ditches.



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  1. Ah, exploring all the ditches, yes. You ARE lucky in that you reveal those ditches and have the courage to write about them. Looking forward to more detail, and will check out your other blog, where I suspect details await. Your sister in the PTSD thing, Amy Barlow Liberatore, fellow Trifectan.

    • Indeed there can be! I once did a whole series of small, miniature sketches on what I called “Roadside Wonders”… just little points of beauty to be found along ditches… like patches of daylilies and birds perched on cattails…

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