Friday Fictioneers: Save the Lamb!



I walked into the kitchen almost smiling. After all, I expected a feast. A joy filled holiday reunion. I never expected this… this absolute silence.

Taking a deep breath, I lifted a globe and lit a lamp. Despite the fact that it was 2013, Aunt Sarah still refused to use the electricity. It seemed a sin, now, to resort to flipping on the light. Besides, the dimness hid the tracks of tears that fell freely, unhindered, and without shame.

Aunt Sarah died on Good Friday, trying to save the lamb from slaughter. They killed the lamb anyway… wouldn’t you know.

100 words exactly! Happy Easter Everyone! Please, take time to be thankful for ALL your blessings!


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    • Shalom, Rochelle! LA CHAIM! HE is RISEN, INDEED! HAd to leave at the beginning of the service because the music was so loud it was causing too much pain through my steel plates and busted up bones. I sat in the car and listened to a service on the radio, though. God must have wanted me to hear that service. It was straight from Jeruselam, too! Wow! A very rare treat, indeed!

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