Friday Fictioners – Bottles of Hope



Around her, the bottles stood, mostly empty now. The days of wine and song were gone. The world had changed. She was alone now, the last of her species to survive the latest round up. She’d been too old to be of any service, the soldiers had said as they left her standing naked in the street. Letting her mind play out last night, when the tavern had been overfilled, overly loud, and over-the-top cheerful considering that they all knew it was their last night on earth. She’d spent the morning cleaning and righting each and every bottle, as if by doing so, she could keep the hope alive.


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  1. The ritual of cleaning, cleansing and straightening as a way to cope with something that can’t really be coped with is well-described and something many people do, whether with bottles or something else. A sad story. Welcome back, by the way. 🙂

    “Roundup”, when used in this sense is one word, so you can play with an extra one if you like.

    Have a wonderful Saturday,


    • Thanks for the welcome back, and the comments. As usual with this challenge, I hit it cold turkey and just start typing, no editing, just off the cuff. It’s so liberating to do it that way. Glad you enjoyed it, and yes, it is a common reaction to shock/trauma/grief. There is some satisfaction found in gaining just a small bit of control in an uncontrolable circumstance.

  2. Very powerful imagery. I enjoyed it, because it made me think: Were all the others taken by the planets inhabitants, or some other species? Does she live longer by being left behind? Will she find others like herself so as not to be alone? So many questions are generated by your little gem. I love stories that are written well enough to have an ending that leaves the reader room for speculation about the future. Well done!

  3. Very well done, darling. Last Woman On Earth. You mentioned “last of her species”… did you have sci-fi in mind here? As in, invaders from another planet? Or am I misreading it?

      • I’d pictured a “To Serve Man” type situation, but then, space invaders coming to use us for food has been a secret dread of mine ever since I saw that famous Twilight Zone episode.

      • There’s a TwilightZone like this? Wow! That’s cool. Now, I’ll have to go find the episode and watch/listen to it. I have a new set of TZ on cd that I’ve been listening to on the 4 hour commute to and from hospital to be with dad

  4. I posted two pieces for Friday Fictioneers this week. You might enjoy this:

    As there is a glimmer of hope…

    Sci-fi allows us to project our own reality. I know it is not easy waiting for the other shoe to drop – so-to-speak. I’ve two family members who have challenging medical needs. But we are looking forward to a new family member this summer. One day at a time.

    • Thanks. The other shoe dropped this morning with news that they can’t do a surgery to put in a feeding tube. I don’t see dad surviving another week at this point. I’ll drop by and give your entry a read.

  5. Dear Buffalo,
    Nice to see you back. Sorry about what you’ve gone through. I find writing cathartic.
    Nice piece with an austere feel to it. Love the last line.

    • As always, Rochelle, I we are in agreement. I do find writing very cathartic. Although, what I’ve been writing these last few weeks seriously scares even me. Been tipping my hand a little bit of horror – psychological horror, that is. I put it on a seperate blog here…it’s just too spooky, even for me.

  6. “The days of wine and song were gone” really brought out the desolation for me. Had I been in her shoes, I think I would have cleaned and straightened, too. Some deep-seated need to be in control of SOMETHING in even the most uncontrollable situations.

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  8. Thank you, everyone for all your encouragement. I hope to get an early start this week before hell descends on our family. We don’t expect Dadinlaw to be with us much more than a week, now. The desolation you heard in this piece is so genuine right now. HEaring from you helped me to get through just one more day in the shadows. Thank you!

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