Looking up, and up, and up, a gulp struggled to get through my extended throat. I lowered my head and gulped again. I couldn’t believe I was actually here. I couldn’t believe how hot it was, how dry. Thinking of how dry it was, I took out my canteen and took another sip of the precious water.

‘No time like the present.’ I mumbled, lifting my heavy skirts, adjusting the canvas pack on my back, and tapping the walking stick on the trail in front of me. I figured if I tapped hard enough, then any snakes would venture away before I had a chance to see them and break the silence with a blood-curdling scream. I was here, after all. I’d been walking for years it seemed, just to find this hidden relic of the past.

I paused to catch my breath and looked up again. The cliff was so intimidating. I didn’t see how on earth I was ever going to make it up there. But I would! I hadn’t walked all the way from Ohio just to give up now, not when I was so close. My heart pounded painfully in my chest and my breathing was more like a continual gasp for air. No, I wouldn’t let either keep me from my goal. Not today.

Slowly, and with more stops than I cared to think about, I made my way up the narrow trail. Stamp, stamp, with my walking stick between each step. Puff, gasp, with aching lungs between moans of genuine pain that criss-crossed my chest and ran up my throat and down my arm until I thought I would surely pass out. I wasn’t going to give up, not today, not now, and most definitely not when I was so close. Then, I was there.

I smiled. I marveled at the view. I let my praises fill the silence with joy for God’s creation. It was beautiful… almost heavenly. I wanted to stay here until I drew my last living breath. And so, I did.

The Ancestor’s welcomed me home.


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  1. I know I stopped by this before…but I must have gotten distracted and that can happen when the grandson is visiting…

    Peace to rest and good wishes on your new venture. I’ve had to avoid horror for the nightmares they bring. But I do wish you successful writing.

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