MaryJane looking deceptively cute.


Here is DevilCat ~ Aka MaryJane looking like the serpent in the garden of eden.


If you value your writing fingers, though, I wouldn’t step any closer. She’s got the quickest teeth in the east,west, and all points north and south.

this is the same cat who suffers from P.T.S.D., post-traumatic Sparrow disorder! She’s terrified of Sparrows! Any other bird and it’s lunch time…let a sparrow fly by and she’s a feline version of nascar on her way to her hidey-hole.

Note: This picture captured at great risk to the camera and the photographer who hung over the end of the bed for hours just for the shot!


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  1. She reminds me of. My old cat tams was half feral cat and are post man would give next door are mail. As the cat would chase him down street if he even stepped on pathway. Take always never delivered. She take on big dogs ect but if a kitten came near her she run for cover.

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