Friday Fictioneers ~ The Dress


Friday Fictioneer’s 100 word challenge. I DID IT! I managed to fall under the limit this time with all of 99 words!

Before you read, you might want to pop up a nice bit of Waltzing music to listen to… just sayin’. Enjoy!


From the street, I looked up at the candy colored confection freshly washed by the rain. I stared, transfixed by the past it represented. Dance halls, like the streets now lay empty, vacant, estranged from life and living. Few survived the biological warfare’s stripping of the city’s life. The ones who did saw this dress, left in tribute to the fallen, as a symbol of hope that we would dance again. I smiled, remembering what it had been like to waltz across the grand marble floors of the high school auditorium.

‘Tum, tee, tum…’ Music echoed in my mind.

I’m going to try to add the inlinz thingy here. Hope it works…


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  1. It goes to show there is always a symbol of hope, even with the bleakest of circumstances. You brought that into the story very well.

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