Visual Dare ~ Gravity



I crouched, center-stage. My mind swirled with the images of the dance moves I was about to perform. In my mind there was no gravity to hold me bound to the earth. I lifted up, swirled, twirled, danced on air. My heart leapt for joy. My spirit sang out the chords of music personified. My mind danced…

Reality struck, struck hard.

I crouched, center-stage. My body folded in pain. My legs, and immovable and wilted reality beneath me. My arms whithered and unable to lift even the slightest silk ribbon. My heart thumped out a week da-thump. My spirit wept bitter tears of anguish and screamed out with dischordant cries of raw pain. My mind shut down the fantasy, forever ripped from my soul.

Drunk driving kills dreams…



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