Andy’s Wds&Pics ~ Dead Drunk


This is written for the challenge. Word limit: 200 Standard Prompt: Dead Drunk. My word count:199 Enjoy! Note: the link feature to the challenge blog is non-functional.

Dead Drunk

The tone dropped, I grabbed my go-bag and hit the front yard running. Jumping in the car and turning the ignition even before I shut the door. Seconds always counted, and I had my response time to the firehouse down to less than 68 seconds! We were a Volunteer Fire Department, but we had the best damn response time in the state at just under 3 minutes. At the firehouse, I again hit the ground running to the Ambulance that was just beginning to roll out of the garage.

Red and White lights flashing, siren blaring, and tires squealing on wet pavement; we tore through town faster than the last tornado. The scene. I saw bits and pieces of it a full block away. Glass glittered in the flashing lights. Screams rent the night air as I rushed past the officer guarding the scene.

‘Damn, teenagers.’ I heard him mumble as I passed.

Twisted metal, shattered glass, blood, tiny body of a child embedded half-in, half-out of the windshield, the smell of alcohol filled the car’s cabin as I leaned in and felt for a pulse on the driver.

‘No pulse. Dead drunk.’ I shouted. It was standard procedure, but unnecessary.


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  1. Wow. That was pretty intense. Are you part of your VFD? You write with the feel of realism and experience. I also loved the line: “we tore through town faster than the last tornado.” great response to the prompt. This week’s new prompts are up so give them a try too. I’m glad you made the effort to post your work despite the expired link. When the new one goes up on Tuesday, the previous one expires. You have till midnight on Monday to partake in my current prompts:

    • Oh, this was the only link I saw… I’ll definitely go out to the new one. Yes, I did serve 20 years with my local FD. One day, I just couldn’t handle anymore blood, dead drunks, and fuckingly stupid people who don’t buckle their children in safely.

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