Back among the living….


1. Sleep caught up ~ check!
2. Memories shared infinitum ~ check!
3. Thank you’s going out to the WWP for the tent and the cot ~ check!
4. Car unpacked ~ in progress!

All in all, I’ve caught up to myself from the weekend! I had a blast! Now, the old homesickness bug is knocking at the door. I always get this way about three days after the powwow. I begin to miss the calm, unstressed environment.

I recieved so many gifts this weekend to help me rebuild the outside that goes with the changes on the inside that I’m still just totally blown away.

Last year was hard, simply hard, and life changing. I had 83 funerals for family and friends. In the end, I packed up all the past. Buried my mother with the only honor I could by gifting her my dearest regalia and accrutrements. It was only fitting. So, to start this year, I had only a single black dress that is a standby. I was able to make a nice baby blue dress, but something was and is missing.

It’s hard to explain. I’ve lived with jingles all my life. I find their sound soothing. More than that, there’s a ministry of prayer that goes with…It’s that I miss most of all. Not having the dress hasn’t kept me from prayers or praying…it’s just NOT THE SAME! I don’t expect a non-native (or even a native) to understand. It’s a heart and soul thing. A balance between the physical and spiritual worlds so to say. So, I’ve spent the last few months in prayers, asking Creator God whether or not I was to continue in this ministry, whether or not to make a new gown (and if I did, what it would be like and how to adjust for my aging joints and pain levels that hamper me from the agressive jingle dances of the modern circle.). I spoke with many a Grandmother about my soul-calling, spoke to the Hataali about the medicine of the prayers and how out of balance I feel without my beloved jingles.

This weekend… well, parts of my prayers were answered. First, I was gifted with a beautiful beaded necklace that (and this is really wild) matched one I had dreamed about a month ago as being part of a new jingle dress! Wow! Then, I was offered new mocs, color and style I’d been considering for this new dress (New $85) at a price ($15) that was well within my price range! As the weekend progressed, many asked for prayers and I was up late into the night on my knees pleading their requests with God.

It doesn’t end there… when I got home, I went to the grocery for milk..stopped by the craft/fabric aisle, and low and behold I saw the fabric I wanted. I checked the price ($4.97 per yd.) and thought I could at least get the yards fro the skirt. When the attendant checked it, it was ringing up at $1.50 a yard! Yippee! I now have ALL the material I need! I went to the mail box and found a small package… three spools of ribbon and 50 of the small cones I was thinking fo using this time. (Tradition is that I cannot buy the cones, they must be freely given). Needless to say, I feel like I’m dancing in the clouds this week.


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