Back in the game…


Last week, my laptop took a gainer off the table and the case cracked. Been afraid to use it, and now it’s out to the repair place for whatever it needs. With it being gone, I realized how very much I NEED it to be able to communicate with family, businesses, doctors, etc. It is both a word processor (for my writing), but also a link (like your telephones) for me unable as I am to hear on telephones. It’s been a nightmare, I tell ya! Sooo, I now have a new desktop computer (1st desktop since 1999ish), man, they’ve changed. It’s so small! The monitor is so very light (lighter than my notebook).

I spent this morning uploading all my files that filled my laptop only to find that they only fill about 1/100 of the new harddrive. Wow! again, and again I say: Wow! One thing: I hate Windows 8! Other than that, I’m glad to be back in the cyber world!


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