0800 – Day 1 NanoCamp~ Letter Home


“Hello, mudda, hello, faddah, here I am at camp **#@&%@#(%@#(%#!”

I’ve signed in, got my cabin assignment, and lost my muse somewhere on the bus!

LOL! No, I’m not going to take anything connected to Virtual Camp seriously! It’s all about fun!

What am I writing this month…well, that’s the BIG question, now, isn’t it? Answer: I have no freakin’ clue!

It’s been suggested that I write another book in the Hope Ranch Series… an interesting prospect, but maybe too serious.

It’s been suggested that I write another book in the Designer Disease Series… again, an interesting prospect, but I’m a little burned out on war stories and self-destructive motives of insanity.

It’s been suggested that I pack my backpack and go out and meditate in the wilderness… and, while this thought is very appealing on so many levels it isn’t pitiful, the forecast is calling for scattered storms. We ALL know that if I go out…it is guaranteed that I’ll get wet! Not saying that rain is bad, mind you, but I’m really not in the mood to sit on a boulder, soaked to the skin, trying to write cheerful, happily-ever-after stories. I’d be more likely to use my notebook to start a fire and hide under a tarp beside it.

So, that leaves me on Day1 with absolutely no clue as to where I’ll be headed. Wish me luck…and hey, if you see my muses…can you send them back?


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