1500 ~ NanoCamp Day 2…


I have 715 very hard won words for Nano.

Starting off awfully slow this year, but just put Dragon Naturally Speaking on my laptop so maybe my fingers won’t be frozen in a semi-permanent cringe by the end of the month.

I’m stymied at my lead female’s name at this point. Right now, just using the generic “mfc” moniker.

I resorted to opening my snipets file to search for inspiration this morning. In it, I found a single sentence that I wrote a few decades ago. It didn’t fit whatever I was writing at the time, but I found it inspirational today. The line, in case you’re interested is this:

“A friend doesn’t let a friend self-destruct.”

Feel free to let it inspire your muses as well. I’d love to see the stories that some of you can come up with. Though, I probably won’t get around to reading anything until August…not with me currently being 3k behind on my word count goals.


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