1241 ~ NanoCamp Day 3… Jo-ing along.


Woke up early with my mind spinning with writing mojo! Sat down and dumped out 4275 words even before the coffee pot could brew it’s cuppa joe! YEp, I’m in fine writing form today. I even took it upon myself to give that Dragon software another go around. Dropped another 2k in no time flat, just speaking extemporaneously. Yeah, I’m Mojo jo-ing along today.

Took a brief break for comic relief and eats and am heading back into the virtual world to see if I can drop some more K’s of words before I have to put it away and get in the car. Traveling for the next day or two, or three!!! Enjoying my country while it’s all furled out in it’s glorious colors. Gonna spend time with my Veteran Buds, my hubs family, and hopefully catch a parade in the middle somewhere. Taking the next couple of days off of crisis line work to just relax and try to keep my own issues from triggering.

At the moment, got Jimmy Buffet on the boombox… drinking ice cold orange juice (and wishing it was something else… it is in my mind, at least). Hope y’all have a great weekend!




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