NanoCamp Update~ Days 4-5…


I took the holiday off, well, mostly. Celebrated Dad’s yankeedoodle birthday! His first time out of the nursing home/hospital since May. Considering that at this time last month, we were for sure and for certain that he was going to be dead by now, made yesterday all the more special! We had a great time.

Last night, with all the fireworks, my mind was fighting with the past… Since I couldn’t sleep, I slipped out of the bedroom and into the office and worked on my WIP. I’ll update wordcounts tonight as I plan to use the day to play catchup and forge-ahead writing. It’s raining, so it suits to indoor pursuits. My current word count to date is 6079…that’s about 4k behind for day 5 which should have me breaking 10k. I know I can do this, if I only don’t allow distractions and actually sit down to type what I hand wrote between the cupcakes and sloppy joes.

Stand by for an update for today late tonight…:)


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