NanoCamp~ Day 7


Screenshot from 2013-07-07 20:21:23

I’m so thrilled! I was so behind, and now…Wow, I’ve surprised even myself. Grant it, I’ve been fingers to keyboard and nose to screen all day. This morning’s church service had some special music. A DearOne sang “Breathe”… and it just inspired me to go home and write like I haven’t written in way too too long. What an awesome reminder to just slow down and let God work through your gifts. I don’t know where He’s going to take this story, if anywhere, but the journey is just awesome.

The photo above is a screenshot of my stats (left) and my cabin’s totals (right). “Make it a Double” is now into it’s Sixth Chapter, and I’ve just introduced the Antagonist that will make both the MFC’s and MMC’s lives very interesting if not nerve-wracking and psychologically disturbed until the end of the story.

This is me, taking a quick break, doing a happy dance, and then getting back to work!


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