Into every life… a mistake must happen…


this is why I’ve been away this last week….


Into every life a little bit of the unexpected must happen. Last Monday started with excitement that 1. It had stopped raining! 2. It was a perfect day for a hike with the new camera….hence a photoging trip to BigBone State Park in Kentucky…

I had decided to go out to the lake there and hopefully find some frogs, heron, or ducks to photog…no such luck on all three. But, I did get an awesome photog of a dragon fly both in flight and landed on a cat tail stalk…



After the lake, I headed back onto the trail…mistake… What passes for a trail is nothing more than a wash out, literally. Gray clay mud on the side of a ridge… 3 mile into a 5km hike, discovered trail signs were down torn out or rotted away. Not that they are helpful any way as they only have colored dots on them… not the most intelligent park system around. Anyway, I have a mental map of the parks general layout, so, I’m cool. Then, I took a side trail that looked in better condition…

Let’s just say that dense woods and high humidity are now on my Triggers list. It started with hearing a twig break… then, I was back to running for my life in a jungle… I slipped on the wet clay mud, lost my balance mid-run and took a hard tumble down into a ravine. Somewhere, I hit my head and was a little confused for who knows how long. Then, assessing myself, I decided I was hurt. I saw dislocated toes and fingers, and just automatically set them (IT’s easier when they’re already screaming in pain…don’t feel it as bad). I pulled out my cell, doubtful that with the pain in my ankles, that I would be able to get back to my car. I opened it to find there was no signal. With a heavy sigh, decided that I had to at least get up to the trail so I could be found. I considered it might be a while, maybe not until nightfall when my car was still there after hours…. Anyway, I wasn’t too worried. I’d lost my shoes, but I could live barefeet this time of year. I wasn’t going to freeze or go hungery, and thanks to all the rain, I could get watter from leaves. I just had to crawl up to the trail, so I did, with knees and one arm. I got to the trail, rested and reassessed injuries. I’d gotten this far… I could get farther, couldn’t I? Sure, I did it in the jungle under worse conditions, why the hell couldn’t I do it now. I rose, tested my ankles, they held though not without painful complaints. I could see the lake through the trees, so I kept it in sight and worked my way out.

Finally, arriving at the main offices/gift shop, I went straight to the director’s office… This involved tracking mud from the front door across the white tiles and down the hall… Somehow, I felt entirely too much pleasure in doing so… I informed him that his trails sucked! I also told him that if someone finds shoes and a pack with my lunch and military survival knife in it, I’d like it returned and left my address. I hobbled out to my car, still dizzy and disoriented… pulled out my phone to call one of my buds to come fetch me to the ER…still, no cell signal, so I drove myself…

Final results: Six broken toes, two breaks on one finger, I dislocated finger, cracked rib, concussion, and two sprained ankles…

It has not been a pleasant week… Hope this one is better….Hmmm. should I go back to BigBone… I hear there’s more trails…


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