NanoCamp ~ Day 16 Letter home…


Dear One,

I know you heard about my fall last week. I’ve spent a lot of time just resting in camp. I’ve read a few romance novels, uh, for research purposes, of course! Oh, and I made a small day trip for some photoging inspiration, more research, of course.

As I drove the miles along the Ohio River, my mind considered what it must have looked like back in the days of Lewis&Clark, or Daniel Boone. The smell of the water, smell of woodsmoke and cooking fish from small fires where people were camped out along the bank only added to the ambiance. I saw older couples cuddling on benches, smiling and enjoying the serenity. I saw fathers with their sons and daughters casting lines out into the water in hopes of catching what could be their first fish. I saw all sorts of boats from barges to speed boats pulling skiers. Meanwhile, the drone of the car’s wheels as they rolled and popped the tar bubbles on the road seemed to want to lull me into a state of relaxation.

We stopped in Vevay, Indiana and visited a small maritime museum that focused on the steamboat traditions along the Ohio. The detailed models added an intricacy to my thoughts as they considered one of my characters who is a woodcarver. As I saw the period clothing, I thought of another character who would have worn the long gowns with head held high, and a slight flush to her cheeks.

I wrote squat over the weekend… just resting. This morning, I set my mind to getting a bridge scene done, and did so. It was early, before 5 am and before coffee. Now, it’s noon, and I’m catching up on correspondence before I get back into the grind. Still loving the voice rec software!

Current word count: 44739
Word Count Goal: 50,000

Taking pen and paper poolside…it’s too hot!


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