NanoCamp Day 17… Letter home:Why, oh Whyyyy?


Dear one,
It’s 0530 here at Camp Nano… I woke with the realization that although I’ve written 45k, I’ve get to establish a firm plot. I have no stereotypical villain hell-bent on destroying the main characters in some distinct way. What I have written falls under the classification of individual scenes with no coherent structure to tie them together into anything. In short, I’m very disappointed in myself. Usually, by this time of the month, I’ve got a solid plotline with strong characters, a villain that’s distinctive, and a final scene written. Truth is, I usually start with the Final scene, the write the first scene, and then fill in the middle. I didn’t do that this time, so maybe that’s why I’m feeling so bogged down.

I’m almost tempted to ditch the word count yet again, and start from scratch. But, I can’t do that! The scenes I have are good! They just need really huge bridges to link them together. That’s one of my goals for today, actually. Today, I’m going to take some time to write out a plotline (hmmm, wonders if that could count as part of the wordcount total???Nah, that would be cheating to me.). I don’t think it’s going to be a traditional plot, though. It’s going to be more of a psychological one….One wonders, could my villain actually be the character’s own mind? … wonders, Could I pull that style of conflict off well enough? Bears some consideration.

I’ve notice that my cabin mates are pretty quiet people. haven’t heard much from them… they’re probably off writing, while I’m sitting her blogging because my mind is a blank this morning. Please, send inspiration and a plotline cake or two…

Riding the rollercoaster,


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