Friday Fictioneers: Shopping in the Rain


Thank you, Janet Webb, for letting us spin our yarns from your picture!

Thank you, Janet Webb, for letting us spin our yarns from your picture!


(98 wc. I might use this scene for a beginning base to something more, later. I like it. Thank you, Rochelle for such an inspirational picture this week, and for your spine tingling story, too!)

The cart is a hindrance; bogging down, water-logged. Running for the shuttle, praying I can get things inside before it flooded, too. This made the third month of rain, now. A constant, drenching, mood-altering rain. Command Central promised that they’d fix the weather grid as soon as possible, but I don’t believe them. It all seems like a grand scheme to drive us all to evacuated. It was no secret that they wanted to “repurpose” the dome. Slamming the hatch shut behind me, and leaving the cart in the lot, I headed for the airlock. I need sunlight, after all.


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  1. There is a lot in there – to take us somewhere from. There may be a story there, I agree. I found mysterious ingredients for sure – the rain, the needing light, command centre…yes…build it…

    • Thanks. This is a spin-off. I wrote a 38 book series that revolved around life in dome-cities, and annual epidemics of ‘Rain Fever’ that drove people instantly mad before slowly killing them. This weeks prompt just reminded me of it.

  2. A neat sci-fi take on the prompt, and that’s a chilling idea about Command Central dictating life conditions for those under the dome. I like that this character escapes — there’s a much larger story in here, about what happened before and after.

  3. A great bit of sci-fi realism; I love this sort of story. And I agree with Zooky – definitely could be made into something bigger.
    (By the way I think you might need ‘is’ after ‘it’ in: ‘before it flooded, too’ to make it present tense like the rest of it.)

    • We joke that here in Northern Kentucky, we are a little Ireland because we swing from rain to drought conditions all the time.
      Oh, and there are a lot of potatoes and potato dishes, too. Oh, and boiled cabbage…ouuuu!

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