Setting up to write… nano-style


Last night, we moved my desk into the living room near the fireplace and in front of the window. Then, hubs loaded scrivener into my desktop, hooked my mp3 player up with three albums of “writing music”. 2 days to NaNoWriMo. Today, it’s the snack run at the store to fill the shelf hubs set beside the desk for such, and I’ll be ready.

Although Nano refuses to allow me to participate in their site, it won’t stop me from my pre-determined goal to achieve the word count I envision for the month. I have my character cards ready. I have a teaser written, that’s two paragraphs like what you would read on the back cover of a paperback. And, like I said above, I have the love and support of my hubs standing beside me. He knows how much I enjoy the challenge and the time to focus on only my writing for 30 days. Just 2 more days, and a new edition to the “Hope Ranch” and/or “Sanctuary” series will begin to blossom upon my blank screen. Yep, screen. I’m not going to handwrite this year. I’m going to use the Scrivener (Ubuntu form) software for novel writing!

Thank you, Scrivener for making the freeware version for those of us who use Linux based systems. It does not go unappreciated! 🙂

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