Day 1 of the 30-30 challenge for Nov…


…And, already, I’m behind by about 3k.

Last night, the storms came through with high winds that took out trees and powerlines near us. Needless to say, all electronic products in our home were unplugged. The large picture window rained — on the inside! — and I spent several hours mopping up water from the carpeted office floor. I’ll be so amused when we our lease expires and we move!

So, I’m behind in word counts…not only that, I’m at a brick foundation to a steel wall on where to go with my plot, my MFC doesn’t yet have a surname (One that goes with a female, auburn hair, brown eyes, clumsy as hell, and sarcastic, but that doesn’t not start with ‘M’), and my muse has decided that the only safe place to be is in the bottom of the coat closet curled among the hats and gloves. ARGH!

Okay, now that I’ve got that scream out of my system…back to writing. (scratches head and wonders if she can count these words toward goal….?)

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