Wow, not really sure why I felt the need to throw this WIP into a seperate blog, but I did, so here it is:

The temporary title of the main work is “Swiftly Swings”… taken from Poe’s pendulum, I suppose. This is part of the Cutter’s War series, but taken from the perspective of the assassin. Remembering the years I spent studying WWII, and all the interviews I did with survivors, and the evil I saw exposed through the hate speeches and actions of the Nazis of that time and sadly even into the present. As with most of my pieces, there is an undercurrent… almost as if looking into the calm surface of a lake and seeing a reflection of what others see in you… I think that Science Fiction does this for us in such a unique way. It let’s us look at our flaws, our sins, our society from a different perspective. That’s all the disclaimer I’m going to give for this blog.

Note: Hate mail, threats (vieled and unvieled) will be reported to authorities. It’s fiction, folks. If you don’t like it, move on…


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